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Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. In the UK it has been drunk for over 350 years. Today, 77% of British adults drink tea and of the tea consumed in the UK, 95% is black tea.

We drink tea because we enjoy it, we find it comforting, we relax with it, we socialise with it. An increasing amount of scientific research testifies to the health benefits of all teas, black, green, white, herbal infusions and others. All of this is good news for Britain’s tea drinkers, knowing that something they enjoy is linked with many potential health benefits.

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Articles and research (13)

Title Date Category Description  
Just two cups of tea daily can improve sleep and cut stress 16th Feb '23 Health & Wellbeing As 1 in 4 adults struggle to get a good night's sleep, new research reveals a cuppa is the answer
TAKE 5 – How Actioning Just 5 Health Hacks Can Unlock Your Better Self 15th Nov '22 Health & Wellbeing This report distils the science into five simple, effective lifestyle hacks that we can all do including how a cup of tea is the go-to stress buster.
Herbal teas shown to improve memory, mood and sleep quality while helping to reduce anxiety, stress 1st Nov '22 Health & Wellbeing Certain herbal teas – German Chamomile, Rosehip and Spearmint - could help manage several key issues for women from poor quality sleep to memory loss and debilitating PMS. That’s according to emerging evidence just published by the Tea Advisory Panel
Drink Three Cups of Tea Daily for Maximum Wellness Benefits, says new study 22nd Jul '21 Health & Wellbeing New research review reveals tea wellness benefits across the age divide. More research is needed.
THE SECRET INGREDIENT IN OUR BRITISH CUP: New research reports the health benefits of THEARUBIGINS 28th Jun '21 Health & Wellbeing Little-known polyphenols found only in black tea - thearubigins - may have powerful health benefits according to research published by the Journal of Nutrition & Food Technology. More research is needed.
Love Your Brain Health With A Cuppa 12th Mar '21 Health & Wellbeing Studies reveal how tea could give your brain and mind wellness a gentle lift. More research is needed
Drink Tea for Better Gut Health 30th Nov '20 Health & Wellbeing Studies Prove That Putting The Kettle On May Be One Of The Healthiest Things You Can Do, Today!
Rooibos Tea – Benefits Revealed In New Research Review. More research is needed 12th Nov '20 Health & Wellbeing A ground-breaking research analysis – covering two decades of research and commissioned by the Tea Advisory Panel (www.teaadvisorypanel.com) – has brought together studies on the benefits of rooibos (red bush) tea for the first time.
Top up your health and sleep wellness with a cup of herbal tea 20th Mar '20 Health & Wellbeing Herbal infusions and health: A review of findings from human studies, mechanisms and future research directions
Tea Compounds and the Gut Microbiome 19th Feb '20 Health & Wellbeing Findings from Trials and Mechanistic Studies by Dr Tim Bond & Dr Emma Derbyshire. Why your friendly bacteria really love a cuppa! New research review reveals tea drinking maybe good for our gut health. More research is needed.
TEA AND SOPHROLOGY – How drinking tea taps into our inner body and mind 27th Aug '19 Health & Wellbeing FOR JOURNALISTS ONLY
Brew Knew That? 23rd Aug '18 Health & Wellbeing For journalists only.
Research Review: Emerging evidence for tea benefits 16th Jun '16 Health & Wellbeing Evaluation of research on the benefits of tea drinking

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