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Love Your Brain Health With A Cuppa

Posted date:
12th Mar '21

Studies reveal how tea could give your brain and mind wellness a gentle lift

There has never been a better reason to pop the kettle on as new research1 by the Tea Advisory Panel shows how just 2-3 cups of black and green tea a day can help boost brain and mind health.

This latest research review from the Tea Advisory Panel involving 557 study participants, explains that previous research focused primarily on green tea, however the latest studies analyse black, oolong and green tea, focusing on the benefits they provide for our brain, mental wellbeing and cognition.1

All three teas contain thousands of different bioactive compounds, making them extremely beneficial for our mind.1 In fact, the aroma of inhaling tea can help reduce stress. 2,3

Read the full paper here: https://scholars.direct/Articles/human-nutrition/jhn-4-017.php?jid=human-nutrition

For more information or to speak to TAP on this research paper please email: nicky@junglecatsolutions.com



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