Tea Advisory Panel


The Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) is an expert panel which can:

  • Provide independent and objective information about the latest health benefits regarding black tea
  • Answer all of your nutrition and hydration questions about black tea
  • Set the record straight on ‘science’ myths associated with black tea

TAP is a novel health group, bringing together experts in the areas of public health, general practice, nutrition and diet. Its objective is to provide informed ‘advice’ about the essential health, hydration and dietary role that black tea can provide in our daily diets. It also as a group will be commissioning a series of study reviews and market research initiatives investigating further the ‘natural’ well-being
benefits associated with black tea.

TAP is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from the UK Tea & Infusions Association, the trade association for the UK tea industry.

TAP members include nutritionists, dieticians and doctors.


Our objectives are:

  • To be an independent and impartial source of information, focusing on the health and nutrition benefits associated with black tea
  • To explain the latest science findings in relation to black tea
  • To put into place and review new research investigating people’s general nutrition and lifestyle habits, plus the associated health outcomes of black tea consumption
  • To de-mystify health issues surrounding black tea

TAP members include nutritionists, dietitians and doctors. (Click on image to learn more)

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