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Why tea matters...

Black tea has many health and well-being benefits, which most of us are completely unaware of. In addition, some of us are confused by various 'old wives tales' associated with drinking tea.

Tea, the world's favourite drink, can help you maintain your health as part of a balanced diet and healthy, active lifestyle. The antioxidants, hydrating properties, caffeine and fluoride found in tea mean that you need never feel guilty about reaching for the teapot.

The UK drinks 165 million cups of tea a day, with about 70% of the population drinking tea regularly.

Articles and research (231)

Title Date Category Description  
Brew Knew That? 23rd Aug '18 Health & Wellbeing For journalists only.
Reach for a cuppa to keep weight gain at bay 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing Studies say that most of us will gain at least 1lb in extra weight over the winter months plus another 4lb over the Christmas period. However, reaching for a cuppa could be the answer.
Glaucoma risk is lower when you put the kettle on for a cup of tea 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing Study finds large reduced diagnosis of serious eye condition in regular tea drinkers
Tea should be classed as a natural medicine 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing In some cultures, tea is viewed as a natural medicine
Tea protects against Osteoporosis 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing Meta-analysis finds that a regular cuppa slashes bone risks by nearly 40%
How Tea Wakes You Up - infographic 20th Nov '17 Alertness / Fatigue Infographic - how tea wakes you up, by the Tea Advisory Panel
Tea time 20th Nov '17 Fluoride Robin Seymour examines the links between tea and fluoride, and reveals if drinking the world’s second favourite beverage has any dental or health benefits
4 cuppas a day keeps the dentist away 20th Nov '17 Fluoride New research shows how fluoride in tea helps strengthen tooth enamel and help teeth to recover after meals
Coffee, tea or Red Bull: what’s the healthiest way to get your caffeine fix? 25th Aug '17 Caffeine Source: The Telegraph
Tea and the health benefits for ageing, cancer and dry eye 24th Jul '17 Health & Wellbeing Tea continues to point to the health benefits of in ageing, cancer and dry eye
The Tea Advisory Panel respond to tea’s latest health claims 20th Jul '17 Health & Wellbeing Latest research points to tea consumption being beneficial to ageing, cancer and - most intriguingly - for the condition of dry eye.
Reduce stress? Ease sore muscles? Battle colds? All in a day’s work for tea 7th Jul '17 Health & Wellbeing Source: Preen Online
5 Ways Green Tea Is Going to Totally Change Your Beauty Routine 12th Jun '17 Health & Wellbeing Source: Marie Claire / Katie Becker
Tea can help prevent dementia 21st May '17 Health & Wellbeing Source: Channel News Asia
New research continues to reaffirm the health benefits of tea 12th May '17 Health & Wellbeing Evidence continues to show the many health benefits packed into a cup of tea.

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