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Reach for a cuppa to keep weight gain at bay

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25th Jun '18
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Studies say that most of us will gain at least 1lb in extra weight over the winter months plus another 4lb1 over the Christmas period2. However, reaching for a cuppa could be answer.

A laboratory study published in the European Journal of Nutrition3 found that study subjects on a junk food diet high in sugar and fat nevertheless lost weight when tea polyphenols were added to the mix. The study was conducted over 4 weeks. Polyphenols are natural plant compounds linked with weight loss, heart health and cognitive function in human studies.

Dr Carrie Ruxton from the Tea Advisory Panel, said: "While this research is a laboratory study, it echoes findings from human studies which show weight loss after adding tea polyphenols to the diet4,5. Both green and black (regular) teas seem to offer benefit.

"The researchers in this new study proposed that tea polyphenols work by stimulating ‘good’ bacteria in the colon which then promote fat breakdown and the clearance of glucose from the blood by cells through the AMPK pathway6. Positive changes to gut bacteria have also been linked with improved satiety, a feeling of fullness after meals.

"Winter means we tend to eat more and exercise less, leading to weight gain – which often isn’t lost until Easter! However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Reaching for a cup of green or black
tea instead of a high calorie hot chocolate or soft drink could help to keep some of those pounds off".

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