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Tea for Sport and Fitness: A Scoping Review

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1st Sep '21
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Studies show how a tasty, healthy brew is just as efficient as water in keeping your body and mind hydrated

We all know the importance of consuming plenty of fluids throughout the day. However, while water has typically been as the holy grail of health, the Tea Advisory Panel’s (TAP) new paper titled Tea for Sport and Fitness: A Scoping Review1, has shone a light on the fascinating health and fitness benefits of tea, particularly the part it plays in sports performance and fitness.

The paper brings together a number of research studies which all point the finger towards tea being a fantastic addition to a person’s day to day diet as well as a hydration hack prior and post working out. In fact, four cups a day2 has been noted as the amount needed to elicit the health benefits of tea, which isn’t too hard a feat seeing as a staggering 77% of British adults already consume tea regularly.

Dr Tim Bond from TAP says that the food and drink we consume has a strong influence on how we perform day to day. “In the UK, Public Health England recommends 6 to 8 hydrating drinks per day, which includes water, lower fat milk and sugar-free drinks such as tea. A staggering 50 to 60% of our body weight is water so we need to keep this topped up regularly. And if you like to work out and keep active, ensuring your hydration levels are topped up is essential especially when it comes to performance.”

While previously tea’s caffeine content may have led us to believe it was more of a dehydrator, studies have actually shown that tea offers the same hydrating properties to water. This was based on blood tests and urine samples taken from volunteers who drank cups of tea made with tea bags and 20ml of semi-skimmed milk.

Read the full paper here:  https://www.sciforschenonline.org/journals/nutrition-food/NFTOA174.php


1.Bond T, Derbyshire E, Jenkins G; (2021) Tea for sport and fitness: a scoping review. Nutrition and Food Technology Journal, 31/8/21.

2. https://www.teaadvisorypanel.com/tea/health-facts

For more information or to speak to TAP on this research paper please email: nicky@junglecatsolutions.com


The Tea Advisory Panel is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from the UK TEA & INFUSIONS ASSOCIATION, the trade association for the UK tea industry. The Panel has been created to provide media with impartial information regarding the health benefits of tea. Panel members include nutritionists; dieticians and doctors.



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