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Tea up for good health

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5th Dec '16
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Drinking tea is associated with reduced risk of mortality, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer according to a new meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition.1

Commenting on this new research, dietitian Dr Carrie Ruxton from the Tea Advisory Panel notes: “This was a meta-analysis of 18 prospective studies which evaluated the influence of black and green tea consumption on all causes of death, cardio vascular disease and cancer.2

“With regards to cardio vascular disease (CVD) mortality, overall risk was reduced by 12% for those black tea drinkers recognised as the largest consuming group of the infusion. The highest green tea consumers had a significant 33% reduction in CVD mortality compared with consumers with the lowest tea consumption habits. For cancer deaths, the overall risk was reduced by 21% in the highest tea consuming group compared with the lowest (black tea).  

“Both black and green tea reduced all-cause mortality. High black tea consumption drinkers compared with low consumption tea drinkers reduced the risk of death by 10% for those consuming black tea and 20% among those consuming green tea.

“One extra cup per day of green tea was associated with a 5 % lower risk of CVD mortality, while one extra cup of black tea was associated with an 8% lower risk of CVD mortality. 

“In summary, green tea consumption was significantly associated with reduced CVD deaths and all-cause mortality, whereas black tea consumption was significantly inversely associated with death from cancer and all-cause mortality.

“Evidence is growing that tea, both black and green, is a healthy drink associated with reduced risk of disease. Black tea is a traditional drink in the UK and together with green tea can be consumed for overall well-being. So tea up for good health.”



1 Tang J, Zheng JS, Fang L, Jin Y, Cai W, Li D. Tea consumption and mortality of all cancers, CVD and all causes: a meta-analysis of eighteen prospective cohort studies. Br J Nutr. 2015 Jul 23:1-11. [Epub ahead of print]

2 Overall, there were 12,221 deaths from cancer, 11,306 from CVD and 55,528 deaths from all causes, respectively.

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