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Fluoride content of UK retail tea: impact of brew time on teas of different value

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19th Jun '16
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Tea is a natural source of fluoride (F-) and a major contributor to UK  F-  intakes. F-  has well
established oral health benefits1.  We previouslyreported the F- content of 49 retail teas, finding wide  variation in results and a lower  F-  in speciality and single estate teas. Other work suggested that economy tea bags are higher in  F-3. As our original study, and an intervention confirming the hydrating benefits of tea4, used a 40s brewing time, a pilot study was done to assess differences in the F- content of black tea brewed for longer periods.

Download the document above for more information.


1 European Commission (2012) Official Journal of the European Union L136: 1-40.
2 Ruxton CHS & Bond TJ (2014) Proc Nutr Soc In press.
3 Chan L, Mehra A, Saikat S et al. (2013) Food Res Int 51, 564-70.
4 Ruxton CHS & Hart VA (2011) Br J Nutr 106, 588-95.

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