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9th Jun '16

Dr Catherine Hood says:

"Tea has been drunk for thousands of centuries and is renowned for its health benefits, especially in the Far East1. Tea, according to the evidence-base also appears to be a great tonic when it comes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, especially atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease2.

"Stiffness of the arteries is one important predictor of future cardiovascular disease risk, so any healthy living activity that can reduce arterial stiffness is to be welcomed. One study consisting of 3,135 healthy people living in China3 categorized participants into three groups according to their tea-drinking habits.  It was found that those drinking high amounts of tea (more than 450ml; more than 3 cups) had a 22% reduced risk of a high brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity, a marker of arterial stiffness.

"I know as I get older, I have begun to think more about my own heart health.  So, if something as easy as drinking three to four cups of tea can help to relax the arteries and lower cardiovascular disease risk, then it’s worth a go."


1 Narotzki B et al. (2012) Green tea: a promising natural product in oral health. Arch Oral Biol 57(5):429-35.
2 Khan N & Mukhtar H (2013) Tea and health: studies in humans. Curr Pharm Des 19(34):6141-7.
3 Li C-H et al. (2014) Increased tea consumption is associated with decreased arterial stiffness in a Chinese population. PLOS one 22;9(1):e86022.

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