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More evidence linking black tea with cardiovascular health

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29th Oct '10
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More evidence that black tea consumption reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease has emerged from a new review published by researchers from the Australia.

An abundance of evidence now suggests that regular tea consumption may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The cardiovascular benefits of tea are thought largely to be due to the flavonoid content. One cup of tea provides 150-200mg of flavonoids. As few as 2-3 cups a day of tea makes a major contribution to flavonoid intake in most individuals and the review shows that the flavonoid content of black tea is equal to that of green tea.

Commenting on this latest study, Dr Catherine Hood from The Tea Advisory Panel notes: “This new review highlights strong meta-analysis evidence which shows that increasing tea consumption by 3 cups a day reduces the risk of heart attack by 11 per cent. Compared with US studies, the cardiovascular benefits of tea are particularly strong in European studies. This includes UK studies where most of the tea consumed is black.

“Plaques in the carotid artery (a marker of atherosclerosis) have been shown to be less common in both men and women who drink tea. Taken together with a number of animal studies, human studies clearly show that flavonoids in tea can inhibit the development of atherosclerosis.

“Evidence from randomised controlled trials showing that tea consumption can improve the health of the inner lining of the blood vessels is also highlighted as is evidence that tea can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and lower blood pressure.

“All in all, this new review presents clear evidence that consumption of tea, including black tea, decreases risk of cardiovascular disease. These benefits are likely due to the flavonoid content of tea, which has been shown to improve the function of the blood vessels.”

In summary Dr Hood notes: “Evidence is growing that 3-4 cups of black tea each day is good not only for general health, but also for cardiovascular health. Given the popularity of black tea in the UK, this is good news for those who enjoy regular cups of tea.

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