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Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. In the UK it has been drunk for over 350 years. Today, 77% of British adults drink tea and of the tea consumed in the UK, 95% is black tea.

We drink tea because we enjoy it, we find it comforting, we relax with it, we socialise with it. Tea is good for our health - mental, emotional, social and physical. An increasing amount of scientific research testifies to the health benefits of all teas, black, green, white, herbal infusions and others. Teas contain a range of polyphenolic ingredients, which are linked with several benefits from heart health, blood pressure to potentially lowering the risk of diabetes type 2 and helping with weight loss. All of this is good news for Britain’s tea drinkers, knowing that something they enjoy is linked with health benefits.

But did you know that studies also link tea with beauty factors, not only weight loss but also hydration and skin health?  Read on to find out more how tea can help with our daily health and well being needs.

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Brew Knew That? 23rd Aug '18 Health & Wellbeing For journalists only.
Reach for a cuppa to keep weight gain at bay 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing Studies say that most of us will gain at least 1lb in extra weight over the winter months plus another 4lb over the Christmas period. However, reaching for a cuppa could be the answer.
Glaucoma risk is lower when you put the kettle on for a cup of tea 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing Study finds large reduced diagnosis of serious eye condition in regular tea drinkers
Tea should be classed as a natural medicine 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing In some cultures, tea is viewed as a natural medicine
Tea protects against Osteoporosis 25th Jun '18 Health & Wellbeing Meta-analysis finds that a regular cuppa slashes bone risks by nearly 40%
Tea and the health benefits for ageing, cancer and dry eye 24th Jul '17 Health & Wellbeing Tea continues to point to the health benefits of in ageing, cancer and dry eye
The Tea Advisory Panel respond to tea’s latest health claims 20th Jul '17 Health & Wellbeing Latest research points to tea consumption being beneficial to ageing, cancer and - most intriguingly - for the condition of dry eye.
Reduce stress? Ease sore muscles? Battle colds? All in a day’s work for tea 7th Jul '17 Health & Wellbeing Source: Preen Online
5 Ways Green Tea Is Going to Totally Change Your Beauty Routine 12th Jun '17 Health & Wellbeing Source: Marie Claire / Katie Becker
Tea can help prevent dementia 21st May '17 Health & Wellbeing Source: Channel News Asia
New research continues to reaffirm the health benefits of tea 12th May '17 Health & Wellbeing Evidence continues to show the many health benefits packed into a cup of tea.
Teas, Infusions and the Latest on Health 24th Apr '17 Health & Wellbeing Tea in all its forms remains Britain’s favourite drink. While we all seem to love it, it is also great for our wellbeing.
Tea up for a healthy lifestyle 13th Jan '17 Health & Wellbeing Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. In fact, in the UK it has been drunk for more than 400 years.
TEA UP. Two cups of tea a day reduces mortality by 40% 3rd Dec '16 Health & Wellbeing Two cups of tea a day is associated with a 40% reduction in risk of mortality from all causes according to new research just published in the American Journal of Nutrition.
Black tea associated with 30% reduced risk of fracture 3rd Sep '16 Health & Wellbeing Consumption of three or more cups of black tea daily is associated with a 30% reduced risk of osteoporotic fracture according to a new Australian study, just published.
New British Medical Journal study links flavonoids with slower weight gain 31st Jul '16 Health & Wellbeing Natural plant compounds found in tea, as well as certain fruits, may be the answer to expanding middle aged waistlines, according to a new study just published in British Medical Journal.
Emerging evidence for tea benefits 16th Jun '16 Health & Wellbeing Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world, after water. Associations between regular tea drinking and a reduced risk of coronary heart disease are well established.
Weight 10th Jun '16 Health & Wellbeing When we think about managing our weight what we eat may jump into our minds first, followed by the need to exercise.
Cancer - the facts 8th Jun '16 Health & Wellbeing The causes of cancer are multi-faceted, with inherited genes, workplace causes, sun and pollution exposure, hormones, infection exposure, smoking, alcohol intake, diet, physical activity levels and body weight all posing a potential risk.
It's always time for tea 7th Jun '16 Health & Wellbeing Around 40% of the nation’s hydration comes in a cup of tea and this great British beverage is an important source of health-enhancing minerals, polyphenols and flavanols.
Tea - Refreshed Wellbeing 11th Aug '15 Health & Wellbeing All your summer health and hydration needs in a cuppa
A BeauTea Essential - Beauty Benefits of Tea for Summer Health 25th Jul '14 Health & Wellbeing Tea is the most commonly consumed beverage in the world after water. In the UK it has been drunk for over 350 years. Today, 77% of British adults drink tea and of the tea consumed in the UK, 95% is black tea.
Tea Drinkers are at Reduced Risk of Breast Cancer 24th Jul '14 Health & Wellbeing Cancer is a very complex medical subject but a new systematic review and meta-analysis builds on previous research and shows how tea drinkers could have less of a breast cancer risk. The aim of this latest analysis was to evaluate the links between tea c
Black Tea is Associated with Reduced Risk of Advanced Prostate Cancer 26th Aug '13 Health & Wellbeing Five or more cups of black tea each day reduces the risk of advanced prostate cancer by one third according to a new Dutch study, just out.
Tea Drinking linked with reduced risk of oral cancer 18th Jul '13 Health & Wellbeing Tea drinking may reduce the risk of oral cancer according to a new study.
What's Healthier than a good cuppa? 12th Nov '12 Health & Wellbeing Tea is the number one drink for health. It's also our absolute favourite according to a recent BBC programme. Nothing we eat or drink in Britain comes close. We drink 165 million cups every day. That's 15 billion litres of tea every year. The good new
7-day Superfoods Cleansing Diet 6th Jan '12 Health & Wellbeing With the festive period and its over-indulgence firmly in the past, now is the time to drag out those New Year resolutions and kick start your healthy eating plan.
New research reveals yet more health benefits of black tea. 7th Jul '11 Health & Wellbeing New mechanisms by which black tea could help to prevent cancer have been revealed in two recent studies.
New study finds that black tea benefits the health of our pearly whites 7th Jun '11 Health & Wellbeing An ingredient in black tea may play a role in preventing periodontal disease (advanced gum disease) according to a newly published study just out.
New review shows that caffeinated drinks can benefit health 27th Jan '10 Health & Wellbeing Caffeinated drinks, such as tea, coffee and cocoa, can make an important contribution to good health, says a new research review just published.
TAP Bulletin November 2009 26th Nov '09 Health & Wellbeing Consuming one to eight cups of black tea each day is associated with a reduced risk of chronic disease, according to a new research review conducted by Dr Carrie Ruxton on behalf of the Tea Advisory Panel and published in Nutrition & Food Science Journal.
Tea is good for dental health 20th May '09 Health & Wellbeing Tea has no erosive action on the teeth according to a recent study. The study found that tea, like plain water, has no erosive potential. TAP member Dr Carrie Ruxton explains the study's findings.
Melinda's love of a cuppa is down to health 20th May '09 Health & Wellbeing Melinda Messenger is working with the Tea Advisory Panel to talk about the importance of healthy eating and drinking and how the good ol' British cuppa may help people's health and wellbeing.
Nine out of 10 Britons risk mental and physical health problems caused by poor diet 20th May '09 Health & Wellbeing The vast majority of people in the UK are risking potentially serious mental and physical health problems caused by eating the wrong foods and not drinking enough fluids, according to a new study by the Tea Advisory Panel. The survey found that people eat
TAP Bulletin May 2009 18th May '09 Health & Wellbeing Tea and Caffeine
Black tea linked to a reduced risk of Ovarian Cancer 26th Feb '09 Health & Wellbeing According to latest research from America, black tea has been found to reduce the possible risk of ovarian cancer. The study found that women drinking two or more cups of black tea a day had a 30% reduction in risk of ovarian cancer.
TAP Bulletin October 2008 24th Oct '08 Health & Wellbeing Younger people putting their health at risk through poor diet and low fluid intake, study shows.
Black tea could lower risk of Parkinson's disease 14th Mar '08 Health & Wellbeing Drinking black tea regularly could reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease, concluded a study.

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