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Why tea matters...

Black tea has many health and well-being benefits, which most of us are completely unaware of. In addition, some of us are confused by various 'old wives tales' associated with drinking tea.

Tea, the world's favourite drink, can help you maintain your health as part of a balanced diet and healthy, active lifestyle. The antioxidants, hydrating properties, caffeine and fluoride found in tea mean that you need never feel guilty about reaching for the teapot.

The UK drinks 165 million cups of tea a day, with about 70% of the population drinking tea regularly.

Articles and research (156)

Title Date Category Description  
L-theanine and caffeine improve task switching but not intersensory attention or subjective alertness 5th Feb '10 Independent Research Tea ingredients L-theanine and caffeine have repeatedly been shown to deliver unique cognitive benefits when consumed in combination.
Coffee, Tea, Caffeine Intake, and Risk of Adult Glioma in Three Prospective Cohort Studies 5th Feb '10 Independent Research Current data suggest that caffeinated beverages may be associated with lower risk of glioma.
Addition of whole, semiskimmed, and skimmed bovine milk reduces the total antioxidant capacity of black tea 5th Feb '10 Independent Research Epidemiological studies have shown that populations consuming fruits, vegetables, tea, cocoa, and red wine have lower incidences of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, and eye disease.
Black tea reduces uric acid and C-reactive protein levels in humans susceptible to cardiovascular diseases 5th Feb '10 Independent Research The health benefïts of tea and tea extracts have been well documented, especially with respect to chemo preventive effects on cancers, cardiovasculardiseases, and inflammation.
Dietary avonoid intake and colorectal cancer: a case-control study 5th Feb '10 Independent Research Diets rich in avonoids may reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer.
Risk factors for low bone mass in healthy 40-60 year old women: A systematic review of the literature 24th Sep '09 Independent Research E. J. Waugh, M.-A. Lam, G. A. Hawker, J. McGowan, A. Papaioannou, A. M. Cheung, A. B. Hodsman,W. D. Leslie, K. Siminoski and S. A. Jama.
Tea and Coffee: A Century of Progress 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Yu Wang; Chi-Tang Ho.
Purified black tea theaflavins and theaflavins/catechin supplements 24th Sep '09 TAP Published Papers Purified black tea theaflavins and theaflavins/catechin supplements did not affect serum lipids in healthy individuals with mildly to moderately elevated cholesterol concentrations
Green tea, black tea consumption and risk of lung cancer: A meta-analysis 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Naping Tang et al.
Caffeine, cognitive failures and health in a non-working community sample 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Andrew P Smith
Antifungal Activity of Black Tea Polyphenols (Catechins and Theaflavins) against Candida Species 24th Sep '09 Independent Research M.A.M. Sitheequea, G.J. Panagodaa, J. Yauc, A.M.T. Amarakoonb, U.R.N. Udagamab, L. P. Samaranayakec
A Thought on the Biological Activities of Black Tea 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Authors: Vasundhara Sharma; L. Jagan Mohan Rao.
Effects of Sri Lankan Black Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) on Pregnancy of Rats 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Wanigasekera D. Ratnasooriya and Thimbiripalage S. P. Fernando Department of Zoology, University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Parkinson's Disease and Tea: A Quantitative Review 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Josa´ Luis Barranco Quintana et al.
Interaction Between Warfarin and Black Tea 24th Sep '09 Independent Research Debra L Parker, PharmD CACP CDE CLS; Teresa K Hoffmann, PharmD CACP CDE CLS; Mary Ann Tucker, PharmD; David J Meier, MD

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