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7th Jun '16

Dr Catherine Hood says:

"We are an ageing population and poor bone health is something that can affect us all. As I get older I am certainly become more aware of my own bone health.

"Interesting, findings from a meta-analysis of 14 studies1 including 195,992 individuals and 9,958 cases of hip fracture found that the risk of hip fracture was 16% lower among the highest versus the lowest consumers of tea. Compared to no tea consumption, 1-4 cups of tea per day reduced the risk of hip fracture by 28%. For those drinking 1-2 cups of tea daily, the risk was reduced by 28%, for those drinking 2-3 cups daily, the risk was reduced by 37% and by 21% among those drinking 3-4 cups daily.

"So, it seems that we need to drink up our tea if we wish to protect our bones. This is especially important as we get older when risk of falling and fracture risk is higher. Further to this, simple tea drinking also helps to maintain good hydration, especially amongst the aged."


1 Sheng J et al. (2014) Coffee, tea, and the risk of hip fracture: a meta-analysis. Osteoporos Int 25(1):141-50

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